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The ABITANA multimedia home network is a single cable comms panel system, which Cablecom can install. The comms centre panel coordinates the input and distribution of all multimedia signals to universal RJ45 data points located around the home. All services are connected, such as phone, broadband, satellite / cable & terrestrial TV and CCTV. All equipment can also be connected anywhere in the house such as phone/fax, PC & laptop, VCR, DVD, DVR for CCTV, TV's & Plasmas, I-Pods, MP3 players, CD players & Hi-Fi's, speakers & digital cameras, etc.

All video sources will appear on every television and can be controlled from in front of any television. Any music player can be connected anywhere and have the sound arrive somewhere else. Use your laptop to view the internet or a movie on your TV. The possibilities with the Abitana Home network are endless.

Contact Cablecom to view a show house fitted with the latest home networks system. A must for those building their new home and looking to future-proof for tomorrow's technology today.

NOW...two great systems for new build and existing pre-wired homes in cat5 and coaxial cables

Smart Media

  • Multimedia network
  • Integrated solution for intelligent living
  • New buildings and profound renovations
  • Universal RJ45 technique
  • Lifelong home cabling

Connect Pro

  • Patch cabinet for UTP & coaxial cables
  • New buildings and profound renovations
  • Traditional Cat5 & coax techniques
  • Budget friendly - Durable
  • Professional technique
Home Networks